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1979 Trans Am Worth

This 1979 Trans Am is finished in Starlight Black with Black interior and has the L80 Olds 403 engine. Options include a/c, power windows, power door locks and N90 mag wheels. Priced at $23,900, this is the most expensive find yet. No doubt, you've noticed I haven't shown a single genuine SE car.

This is an interesting one for folks seeking to get into the Trans Am world on a reasonable level. A 1980 metallic blue Trans Am coupe 301 V8 that had been converted into a show car then stored away for two decades. The side pipes, Centerline mags and old school BF Goodrich tires certainly evokes a 1983 vibe to it. The air brushed paint work and louvered backlight is another nice nostalgic touch. Someone could go either way on this car, just revive it by changing fluids and checking over the engine before start up then use it as shabby chic cruiser or Day Two ride. Or you could remove the goodies and re spray it factory colors and add a decal kit and Rally IIs for that vintage Trans Am look. At $7,000 asking it's hard to go wrong!

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